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Please have a seat…

… that offers more than just comfort!


Please have a seat…

… that offers more than just comfort!


Robust, Secure and Smart Seat sensor

From SEAT sensor readings every second

we create the information you need TO ENHANCE


We provide different In-train apps where we support the labor-intensive tasks of daily operations and maintenance of a train.


Seat Management

Reservation :

Let the passengers know where the free seats are.

Inform your staff if a seat is wet or damaged. Reservation for those seats can then be blocked to avoid discomfort.

Know what’s on the seat - adult, child, big or small items - so you can be sure that everything is according to reservation.

Predictive maintenance :

If a seat has been wet during service the maintenance people can be informed so the cleaning crew have a glance and clean it.

Analyzing the use profile helps you to better understand when and where to change seat cushions, thus avoiding expenditure where it is not necessary.

Security :

Seat is being vandalized? You will know it within an instant, enabling you to take immediate action. Together with a CCTV system you will have the full picture.

People and/or bags on board outside service hours? We’ll show you where.


A Solution for new and retrofit trains

Easy installation allows integration in all circumstances - and easy maintenance.

Our solution comes battery powered or connected to the on-board supply.

With standard rail approved connectors it is an ease on-off work to change the cushion for maintenance or built in a new cushion. Node box will be designed to fit to seat frame.



Business intelligence

Get to know whats going on - we can deliver the data to where you need it and how you need it.

pdf, csv, xls - which format do you need? Sorted by whatever category you want.

You will like the transparency you get from millions of data, turned into ready-to-decide information.

Single sensor solution

Better, cheaper, easier to integrate more robuste than anything else on the market.

Our sensors are built from robust material that comply with all required certifications, cables and connectors alike.

Node boxes are built from solid material as well, are IP67 made and pass shock&vibration as well as climate requirements.



Wireless or wired

You already have a Wifi-system on board or do you use a bus system? Honestly, we don’t care.

We can connect to your on-board system as well as providing our own mesh network system.

Gateway? We can use yours, put our software on - or we bring our own… you choose.

AIO-Sensor Node assembly-v3.8.1_View 8.jpg

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


Here you find some general specification about the Seat node. The Power and data lines are looped through each node.

Power and Data are in one connector.

Vin :

Min. 6.7 v

Normal 12 v

Ain :

Min. 5 mA

Normal 20 mA

Max. 25 mA

Wired Data line:

2 wire - RS485 data bus.

Sensor Node wight:

70 grams

Sensor node size:

25 mm x 50 mm x 75mm

Power, Data, and Sensor Connectors

M8 4 pin or D-SUB 9




Node Size